With all the talk of content marketing and social media marketing over the past few years email marketing seems to have taken a bit of a back seat. It is seen as the uncool relation to the more trendier marketing services that are now taking the world by storm. But by ignoring email marketing you could be missing out on a huge amount of marketing potential for your business. Is that really something you can afford to do?
Despite what many marketers are saying email marketing is still far more successful for a majority of businesses than social media marketing and content marketing. This isn’t to say you can ignore these marketing channels, everything has its place in a full marketing strategy. Do not ignore an email marketing strategy by focusing solely on Twitter or Facebook as you may just be throwing away your highest converting marketing channel.
So, below we highlight the reasons why you should be using email marketing as a part of your online marketing strategy. We include statistics to show why this is still one of the best means of gaining conversions, and also some hints and tips to ensure your email marketing campaign is a success.


• Email marketing has been shown to be 40% more effective at bringing in new customers than either Facebook or Twitter
• 78% of consumers rate emails as their favourite means of communication from businesses
• Emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those that do not have personalised subject lines
• Emails that include social share buttons have on average a 158% higher click through rate than those that do not.
• 55% of emails are now read on a mobile phone or tablet first rather than a desktop or laptop. This makes it essential to ensure your emails are mobile friendly
• The iPhone is the most popular device for reading emails on at 60% followed by the iPad at 21% and Android devices at 18%
As you can see from the above statistics, email marketing is still essential for gaining new customers and for keeping past customers interested in your business. These statistics show that it would be unwise to ignore email for the growing trends of social media and content marketing. However combining all three could really boost your marketing campaign. Using an email marketing strategy to send email newsletters with links to your latest blogs or content can help boost website visits. Including links in your emails to your social media channels gives a much higher click through rate. So as you can see a three pronged attack is really the best way forward.


We now know it is essential to maintain a good email marketing campaign.  It’s time to look at the do’s and dont’s of a successful campaign. Simply throwing together a quick email once a month and sending it out to everyone on your list is not going to be effective. You need to consider the frequency of your emails. Consider the relevancy to your subscribers, and the actual content included. The whole point of an email marketing campaign is to connect with your subscribers and to offer them something of value. This could be a link to an article they may find useful or information on upcoming events or promotions you are holding. All of these things are valuable and will be of use.
Below are just a few reasons that could put your email subscribers off the most. Instead of contacting you, they could be reaching for the unsubscribe button quicker than anything else.


The biggest turn offs for email recipients are:
  • Receiving too many emails from a company – 44%
  • Receiving emails that are not relevant – 37%
  • The writing being too small to read or to interact with – 32%
  • Websites and landing pages linked too from the email not being mobile optimised – 26%
  • Emails not being well formatted for mobile devices and appearing messy – 21%
This gives you an idea of how easy it can be to annoy your email subscribers. Remember to properly planning your email marketing strategy. Do not waste a campaign, not only will it cost you but can alienate your customers. We have all subscribed to companies who then bombard us with too many emails. And we all know how annoying that is! This can quickly change your opinion of a company from good to bad. Plan your campaign and ensure you are not committing any of the turn offs above with your emails.


It is important to remember that each business sector is different. So some things that may apply to some businesses may not apply to others. Use A/B testing of your emails to find what really works for you. Here are some general tips which will apply to a broad spectrum of businesses.


This is an important tip. If you are sending emails too often the likelihood is you will run out of useful things to say. As mentioned above receiving emails that aren’t relevant is a big turn off for subscribers. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling like you have to send an email every week. Your subscribers would much rather receive emails less often with good quality relevant content than receiving emails more often filled with rubbish. So when planning your email marketing strategy, consider whether the content will be relevant and useful to your subscriber. If the answer is no, leave it out.


In a recent study it was found that email subject lines, classed as boring outperform those that are classed as salesy or sensational. This is mainly due to the fact that sensational and salesy subject lines have been way overused. People have learnt to avoid clicking on them. Your subject line should basically say what your email is about without being too hyped up. Also think carefully when it comes to using emoji’s in your email subject lines as this is a common occurrence in spam and virus ridden emails so may well prevent a majority of subscribers from clicking on your email.


While you may think it is best to include a lot of content in your emails it has actually been proven that this is a big turn off for your subscribers. These emails are very rarely read as people do not have the time or the inclination to do so. Instead make your call to action extremely clear with minimal text. Ensure your subscribers know what you want them to do. This could be click on a link or download something. Make this the main message of your email. Use relevant and interesting images. Make sure your company logo is at the top of the email to make it clear who it is from.
Now you can see the importance of email marketing and why it is essential for your business. Contact us for further information about an email marketing strategy in your digital marketing campaign. 

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